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CCG Real Estate Brokerage & Acquisition (a Consortium Consulting Group, Inc. Company) has been serving Manhattan residential real estate market for over 19 years.

The Battery Park City office is one of our 3 teams of broker associates. Our team of broker associates work mainly with networks of real estate professionals, developers, corporate relocation & acquisition, individual property owners, throughout Manhattan. In many years of working throughout Manhattan, our broker/associate team are known to be easy to work with in our industry. We are specialized in arena with the most concentration of corporate requirements, in established neighborhoods that provide the utmost living convenience.

Our mission is to find the best equilbrium from the buyers’ willingness and owner’s expectation. Thus; our broker/associate teams are required to provide attentive services when bringing interested parties together. They are to give representation without bias, concentrating only on facts during the course of business.

Our broker/associate teams all have extensive sales and marketing experience. And have worked closely with each other for many years to provide consistent performance both in sales achievement and service quality.

200 Rector Place
New York, New York
10280 United States
Kenneth J. Tsui
Licensed NYS Real Estate Broker
Cell: 917.689.7300 (for text & call)
Email: ccgbpc@aol.com

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